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Become your own best career coach, dominate your career, and get inspired by powerful women who have walked the path before you.
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LeadinSync Program

LeadinSync is the premier leadership program that fast tracks your journey to career advancement and leadership, starting with a focus on self-discovery. LeadinSync empowers women to become their own best career coach, applying transformative learning and frameworks to discover the synchronicity of mental, emotional, and intuitive skills, to advance in their careers.

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LeadinSync Program

8 weeks of transformation 


The Leaderbord LeadinSync Program

  • Daily videos with profound insights for career growth:Embark on a daily journey of self-discovery and career growth with our impactful video content delivered through the Leaderbord app. Develop your authentic leadership and holistic well-being to remain in sync with your professional growth. Gain insights from successful women who have climbed the corporate ladder, providing real-world wisdom.
  • Personalized Leadership Profile:It’s about actionable change. Take the daily behavior quiz and receive a personalized leadership profile at the end of the program. Gain valuable insights into your unique leadership strengths and areas for improvement, providing a roadmap for your personal growth.
  • Journaling and Reflection: We are not just about feeding you information, we know that reflection is key to meaningful growth. Our journal prompts are carefully curated to guide you on a personal journey of self-discovery and learning. Capture your thoughts, ponder on your experiences, and chart your progress. And here comes the innovation: say hello to your AI coach, an insightful companion who responds to your thoughts, guides your reflections and spurs your growth.
  • An Active Community:Engage with a vibrant community of peers, real leadership coaches, and AI coaches. Gain insights and guidance to build authentic leadership skills, and acquire the mental, emotional, and intuitive strengths necessary for your personal leadership journey.

Welcome to a new approach to leadership development – it’s your daily dose of inspiration, growth, and connection. It’s time to elevate your leadership journey with us.

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