A leadership platform for women who want to advance in their careers.

Be your own best career coach.

Innovative App

Innovative social learning app for women.

Rapid Mastery

Learn everything you need to become a leader in the fastest time, wherever you are.

Dynamic Community

Interact with expert coaches, powerful women leaders and an AI coach for professional growth.

Women are more ambitious than ever, yet fewer women are being promoted into management.

Are you feeling overqualified for your current role or stuck and unsatisfied with your career trajectory? Are you trying to make your mark and get noticed? 

Our flagship program, LeadinSync, is designed to empower women to achieve authentic leadership by embracing their true selves and acquiring the mental, emotional, and intuitive strengths necessary for their personal leadership journey.

Embark on a transformative journey that taps into your resources: your energy, time and relationships, founded on your values and strengths, to stand out as a genuine leader. Choose LeadinSync, bring your authentic self to work, and stand out in your career. 

The Leaderbord Approach

We’re on a mission to do one thing — inspire women to find their true potential and become the dynamic leaders they are meant to be. We are committed to making leadership accessible to all women. 


The Leaderbord App is an innovative social learning platform that ensures maximum impact in just 20 minutes per day. We believe in the potential of every woman – our platform was designed to cater to the unique needs and challenges that women face.

Access leadership programs that value your time and eliminate sponsorship barriers. Dive into concise daily content, engage with a dynamic community of peers and coaches, receive personalized feedback from an AI coach and effortlessly transform your career.

What can you expect to gain?

When women realize that they can do it all, they rise to the top of the Leaderbord

Leadership Profile
Gain insights into your leadership behaviors, strengths and authentic leadership style through your personalized leadership profile.

Authentic Leadership Framework

Customize a proven framework to develop your authentic leadership skills.

Surge in Confidence

Navigate your career with enhanced confidence for intuitive decision-making.
Learn through Collaboration
Unlock your leadership potential through the power of reflection, journaling, diverse peer perspectives and expert coaches, including personalized insights from an AI coach.

Strategic Communication

Master the art of influence and storytelling and elevate your ability to communicate strategically.

Holistic Resilience

Transform challenges into opportunities for success by tapping into the synergy of your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self.
Embrace Innovation
Overcome fear and limiting beliefs to embrace innovation that leads to impactful results.

Authentic Leadership Mastery

Tap into your potential, magnify your presence, and dominate your game by optimizing your energy, time and relationships as an authentic leader.

Fast-track your Own Path

Accelerate your journey by tapping into the wisdom of accomplished women who have successfully navigated their careers.


Hear from women who participated in the LeadinSync Pilot Program in October 2023.

Denise F. Turner Florida, USA

The videos and content were so pertinent to each topic and speaker. I found each lesson to be engaging, efficient and insightful. The ability to move through each lesson at my own pace, allowed me to manage my time efficiently. I listened to the videos quickly; however, they became lessons that I would reflect on every day and be introspective of throughout my day/week. Applied knowledge at its finest, which has already helped me in my professional career and leadership of my team. Leaderbord is experiential learning and applicable to professional women both in and out of the board room. Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to experience your expertise and capitalize on your success as a leader!

Nisha Maharaj Georgia, USA

The content offered new learnings with each topic and packaged several scattered pieces of knowledge I previously had, but this time in a very succinct and receivable format. I found the platform easy to navigate, the learnings super enriching, the subjects incredibly poignant and felt empowered after working through the lessons and journaling each day. The journaling was spot on for my purposes. I reflected deeply during my entries on my strengths and areas of growth and found that the AI coach not only complemented what I said, but more importantly, added to my journey by offering me more insights. The responses were focused on what I needed to work on, my growth areas and I received affirmations of things I knew I did well in leadership.

Paula Vega Milan, Italy

The meticulously organized structure of the program offered a straightforward learning path, allowing me to navigate through the thoughtfully curated material seamlessly. The simple approach to each topic, together with the practical advice and real-life examples, made complex concepts easy to understand and helped me apply practical solutions to real life situations. The true highlight for me, however, was being part of a community within the program. Engaging with women who are currently struggling with similar workplace challenges and learning from those who have successfully navigated similar issues created a unique and supportive environment from which I gained immense value. The insights and guidance shared within this diverse group played an important role in helping me to address a very challenging situation at my previous job with confidence.

Sue Singh Durban, South Africa

I found the course to be an enlightening experience. It was well-structured, concise, and informative. The video content was engaging, the behavioral quizzes, and journaling prompts provided a holistic learning experience. The daily topics were relevant and resonated with the challenges faced by women in leadership roles. I especially appreciated the focus on authentic leadership and self-awareness. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the program and would highly recommend it to other aspiring female leaders.

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