Our Story

A Collective of Powerful Women Driving Change

Our vision is to democratize leadership, making it accessible to every woman striving to ascend in her career.

When women build connections, we create powerful movements that challenge norms and surpass expectations.

Leaderbord was created to unlock the untapped potential of every woman. Through time, we’ve seen many women struggle with workplace barriers that relegate them to a life behind the scenes. The ones who advance in their careers have repeatedly shown that they are able to transcend these barriers by not conforming. They bring their authentic selves to the workplace by nurturing an inner strength to break free from limitations and soar to new heights.

For our founder, Yegs Ramiah, her corporate journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, a tapestry woven with both triumphs and trials.

A defining moment, on her first day back from maternity leave, has shaped her career. Yegs was invited to have lunch with none other than the former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. His words deeply resonated with her, “When you sit in a position of privilege, you have a responsibility to make the world better for others.” Through the nonprofit boards she served on, Yegs felt a deep calling to positively impact the lives of women and children.

Her appointment as Deputy Chairperson for Merrill Lynch, South Africa was a highlight in her career. This transition allowed her to traverse the entire spectrum of leadership, often finding herself as the only woman in the room. She relished the chances to pivot—from General Counsel to Human Resources to Brand and Marketing—embracing reinvention at every turn.  

It’s no surprise that Harvard Strategy Professor, Cynthia Montgomery, when commenting on Yeg’s leadership said, That’s strategy. It’s not unlike what Steve Jobs did for Apple, or what Alfred Sloan did for General Motors when he first went up against Henry Ford.” (https://www.strategybusiness.com/article/00163)

 In 2016, she received a lifetime marketing leadership award at the Loeries—an affirmation of her vision and dedication to making the world inclusive for all.

Yegs is quick to acknowledge the remarkable women she worked with, whose talent and dedication made it all possible. All, with the exception of one, in her leadership team were women.

Yegs champions a straightforward yet audacious mission, to make leadership accessible to all women so they can be the leaders they aspire to be. By tapping into the potential of women, she envisions more dynamic workplaces and a more prosperous world. This serves as the seeds from which Leaderbord grows.

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